Welcome to the Williams Clan home of Underfoot Dalmatians. 

With a few dogs living a life of luxury as part of the Williams clan, we do not consider ourselves a kennel. Our dogs are just as much part of our day to day lives as our children are.

Underfoot Dalmatians was born of the love, companionship and fun this regal breed has brought to our lives. The name comes from the fact they are always seeming to get under your feet as they always want to walk beside you.


The human side of the Williams clan consists of Richard  and his three children, Catherine, Andrew and Gillian.  The family work together to raise and show happy, healthy and loving Dalmatians. We do not breed often only when we are looking for something for ourselves as we really enjoy showing our Dalmatians with pride as a family affair. Our dogs are bred to have exceptional temperaments and healthy bloodlines from some of the best kennels from around the world.  


We hope you enjoy reading through our Dalmatians and see the Dalmatians that are adding joy to ours and other families lives. 

We have been breeding, loving and showing Dalmatians for over 15 years. Tracey has served as Secretary for the Dalmatian Club of Victoria for many years. 



The best thing you can do in order to find the right puppy is to locate a Breeder. Having a relationship with the breeder is more important than getting a puppy by X date. Have a list of ideals that are important to you and try to match these with the breeder. If they are not having a litter for some time discuss with them breeders that have the same ideals as the ones you both share. Then together contact this breeder and WAIT. Just as you will be screened for suitability you should be doing the same to the breeder. Go out and visit them BEFORE they have the puppies to see if you like their dogs and their relationship with their owner. What sort of questions should be important? What health tests they do, the way in which the puppies are raised and socialised etc.

Reputable breeders do not need to have 4 or more litters a year.

Expect to wait for a puppy. You will be very glad that you did



One of the biggest thorns in a breeders side in the one sentence message, “How Much for a puppy?” Most will not even bother responding to this question. We need to know about you and what you are looking for. The initial introduction should be quite substantial, at least a couple of paragraphs. Detail your family, what you want the puppy for or to do and the situation the puppy will be in.

If you call, put aside about an hour and ensure you have no interruptions. Have your list of preferences and ask as much as you need to know. You need to convince me that you are ready to take on the responsibility and care of a Dalmatian. This means DO YOUR RESEARCH. Understand issues Dalmatians can have and investigate obedience and Puppy Schooling options. Be as truthful as possible with the Breeder. Research the differences between dogs and Bitches so you know what will suit you.

You can ask the price but do so nicely and respectfully and usually at the end of the conversation. Breeders should be honest and tell you what to expect to pay from them and others. They should be able to justify why they are charging x amount. Being confident with the breeder should be more important than price.

Occasionally we will say no, or not at this time for a puppy. it is for BOTH of you. A Dalmatian is a huge responsibility and we want to ensure both you and the Dog are happy. We will tell you why we said no so go and think about what we said and if you still want a Dalmatian discuss how to turn that NO into a yes. Not all breeds suit everyone so don’t be offended.



We take great time and effort to get to the point of breeding a litter. We research pedigrees, visit dogs and procrastinate. We do this as we are passionate about the breed and we hope our puppy buyers are as well. We would prefer if you choose to go on our waiting list that you extend the courtesy of telling us if you have changed your mind or if you are on another’s list. Us breeders know each other and talk and it is devastating to find that we have the same people on our lists. You see we do not take many names for our list and if you are on more than one list we could lose the chance of placing a puppy in another fantastic home as we might need to tell them to go elsewhere as we do not breed often and all places on the list are full. Don’t chop and change lists as I want a relationship with my puppy buyers and Honesty is a great quality.

Do tell me if you change your mind. Please don’t wait for me to call you when the puppies arrive.


We send out weekly puppy updates. These are so you feel part of the growing up experience. We will request you tell us if there is a puppy that you definitely do not like but DO NOT expect to choose a puppy from a photo. Choosing a puppy from a photo is wrong on so many levels. At 6 weeks we do a volhard aptitude test on our puppies to determine the perfect fit for them and their potential family. Can you imagine a young family getting a puppy that is strong willed and not easily trained? Or an active family getting a puppy that just wants to sleep all day? We will not just let you choose a puppy no matter where you are on the list. We will be honest and tell you what training the puppy will need and what type of personality they have. We even disclose the bad points like this one likes to dig or chew etc. We do this as we do not want a miserable puppy or family who end up surrendering the dog as it is out of control.

When visiting at 7 weeks, I know how cute they all look and thinking look how much this one loves me, it’s chosen me. No, No, No, No. Puppies are very different with visitors than on their volhard test. We help you choose so you have a long happy life together. This is why we need you to be honest on what you expect from your new family member and your family situation. We do take your choices into consideration.

Lastly, Be patient. We promise you it will be worth the wait.

Richard Williams

Underfoot Dalmatians


We have a litter due 16th July 2016. See our upcoming litters page for more information.

If you would like to know more about this please do not hesitate to contact us. 



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